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Welcome to the Lifebadge portal!

Here you will find full information on our product and our personal health file service (lasts for a 1 year period).

If you own a Lifebadge card, access your health file immediately by entering your number in the appropriate area above.
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No one is immune from an accident

Doctors provide emergency assistance in any number of different situations: road accidents, accidents in the workplace, heart problems, a fall from a bike.

It could be you; it could be a relative. No one is immune!

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Lifebadge can save your life

In such an emergency, speed and information are key. Wherever you are, and whatever your health problem, LIFEBADGE can relay information quickly to those looking after you. It uses the Internet to access health data you have recorded yourself at your leisure. The price is reasonable and the service lasts for 1 year.

LIFEBADGE thus allows any doctor treating you to make the choice that is best for you. It's a choice that could save your life.